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The Only High Performance Basketball Program in Atlantic Canada.

Phase 2




Athletes will be grouped based on age and skill level

Monday - Thursday 6-9pm 

Days and times will be assigned after registration

1x On Court + 1x Strength Session

JOIN REPS 2023 2x/Week

2x On Court + 1x Strength Session

JOIN REPS 2023 3x/Week

1x On Court + 2x Strength Session

JOIN REPS 2023 3x/Week

2x On Court + 2x Strength Session

JOIN REPS 2023 4x/Week

On Court Development


Each session will provide athletes with the tools to stand out in a game. Sessions will  focus on getting comfortable and developing specific skills. Screens, weak hand, spacing, finishing and more will be developed over the program.


Video feedback will be utilized to help athletes better understand what they're learning and why it will make them more effective in game.



The more comfortable a player gets at doing something, the better they will be at executing during a game. Scrimmages and games are good, but alot of athletes will go a full game and only get 3-4 shots up. Sometimes only touching the ball a few times.


This doesn't build confidence in knowing their capabilities. Excellence starts in practice and is highlighted during a game.

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Performance Development

This program is a comprehensive, sport specific training program. Athletes will receive a full player analysis which includes force plate, speed, and mobility testing.


Individualized programs will be prepared for athletes through our training app. Daily force plate testing will be performed to monitor fatigue & performance.

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Increase Vertical Force and Power

Improve Change of Direction Speed

Increase Sprint Speed

The purpose of this program is the give basketball athletes in Nova Scotia access to high-level sport-specific basketball training. We want to raise the standard for athletic development, athlete health, and performance.

Anybody can train - this is for the athlete who wants to take the next step.


On Court 1.5 Hour Sessions
Strength 1 Hour Sessions
Payment Plans Available

Phase 2 

July 3rd - August 28th

4 Options

2x/Week - $700 + HST

  • 1x Court session + 1x Strength Session

3x/week - $880 + HST

  • 1x Court Session + 2x Strength Session

3x/week - $940 + HST

  • 2x Court Session + 1x Strength Session

4x/week - $1120 + HST

  • 2x Court Session + 2x Strength Session

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Cancellation Policy

*Most give 7 days notice before the start of the program to receive a full refund.

REPS Basketball Team

Ethan Headshot-2.png

Ethan Rendell-Watson
Performance Coach

Brandon HS.png

Brandon Brown
Skill Development Coach

ian hs.png

Ian Rowan-Legg
Performance Coach

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