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Ian is a driven and knowledgeable Strength & Conditioning Coach experienced in working with youth, high school, university, national, and professional level athletes. He is a graduate of the Acadia Kinesiology program, where he was involved as a student athletic therapist and strength & conditioning intern during his degree.

He then went to pursue his Master of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Regina where he performed biomechanical research while working as a graduate assistant strength & conditioning coach with the school’s football team.

In addition to his extensive coaching experience, Ian played for the Acadia Men’s Rugby Club while he was at Acadia before beginning to compete in powerlifting. Ian has a very diverse educational background to draw upon in order to individualize and implement the best program possible for each of his athletes. He is incredibly passionate about not only maximizing athletic performance but also improving athlete confidence and self-esteem both on and off the field.

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