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camps and clinics

OLR is Nova Scotia’s only indoor sports training facility with elite trainers and driven with the top technology for proven results.

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Pitching Camps

Pitching camps provide athletes with the proper tools and techniques to increase velocity and command while decreasing possible injuries throughout the year. We offer individualized programs for all ages, and skill levels and are not a "one size fits all" approach.


OLR has the only certified Driveline instructor in Atlantic Canada, which accelerates with off-season pitcher development.

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Hitting Camps

We offer a mix of fundamentals and cutting-edge technology to improve the player's swing mechanics, mental approach, and strength at the plate. Our certified instructors use the latest technology to maximize exit velocity, launch angle, on-plane, and connection scores through the hitting zone.


These camps will provide a low instructor-to-athlete ratio, basic swing fundamentals review and instruction, drill progressions from tee work, soft toss, and live pitching.

Catching Camps

Join us for our youth baseball catching camp and become a better, more confident catcher! The OLR catching camp provides hands-on training where you'll improve your skills, learn new techniques, and gain a competitive edge on the field. Don't miss this opportunity to take your catching game to the next level! 

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FastPitch Camps

These camps involve a break down of the athlete's pitching mechanics and habits which allows for a proper approach to pitcher development. This includes corrective drills for mechanics and techniques, pitch development, and opening the door to becoming an elite pitcher. These corrections will help athletes become more comfortable with repeating pitches, increasing velocity, and developing stronger command of the ball.

Athletes will have the opportunity to become stronger pitchers and learn more about the game of softball.

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